An African Butterfly in New York...

"The peach wasn’t ripe but that didn’t matter. The African sun was cooling and a soft breeze brought the smell of wood smoke from a nearby village fire. Below and before me the Phalombe Plain stretched towards the Mozambique mountains which were blue and mysterious in the lengthening shadows of the day. Our colonial-style house, rambling and white-washed, stood before this great painting, framed by a huge mahogany tree at the foot of our garden. Behind me the rocky face of Zomba Mountain brooded in an almost disapproving way. It was a strong African belief that mountains were places where the sprits lived. As I stared up at those rocky peaks glowing golden in sunset light it wasn’t hard to imagine that somehow it was a magical place between this world and the next..."

A wonderful book wrote by a malawian in New York...Jennifer Roscoe an African Butterfly

Get Familiar with Malawi and Help a Charity

Born and raised in Malawi, Jennifer Roscoe has a love and understanding of Africa that only someone who has lived there would possess.
African Butterfly is a book which will take readers on a journey through Jennifer Roscoe’s childhood experiences in Malawi. The author would like audiences, not familiar with Africa, to gain a deeper understanding and an admiration for a country which touched her life in profound ways. Madonna’s charity, Raising Malawi, has given Jennifer an opportunity to bring her work to the attention of a wide international readership. Monies from the book will support Raising Malawi’s work for the children of Jennifer’s childhood home.

You can find a sample version online

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